Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Preschool 2011

Sophia's first day of preschool! She was so excited! I can't believe how grown up she is! Love her so much!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holiday cards!

So lately I have been following a couple blogs that are totally inspiring and give me great ideas for some fun projects. One of my favorites is Dream Book Design! She has the cutest ideas and I just love her personality. One of her latest posts was about an awesome deal at Shutterfly on Christmas cards..if you make a post about shutter fly you get 50 free cards! Awesome, right! (Details: ). So I have never used Shutterfly before but I am totally excited to start. Here are a few cards i am thinking about using. or or or can't wait to find all my cute pictures of my kiddos and send these puppies out..I think I might just need to have an impromptu photo shoot right now..well, happy blogging and I hope you all go check out this cool deal at shutterfly!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Braxton is 12 weeks!

I can't believe it but Braxton is almost 3 months! Time sure flies by faster the more children you have!
Things Braxton does at 3 months:
Pretty much holds up his head
Coos and Ahhs when we talk to cute
Weighs about 11 lbs. and 24 inches
Loves Sophie to sing to him!
Giggles and smiles all the time
Sleeps through the night (6-9 hours) happy about this one!
LOVES HIS SWING! Sleeps in it in fact..
Watches tv..sophie never did this and it is so cute!
Chews on his hands!

He is so amazing and we are so glad his is ALL OURS!

Life's been truckin along...

Here are some pictures of things that have been going on at our house..Preschool started and Sophia LOVES it! We have been doing alot of camping and that is always fun!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Baby Update

Went to the doc today and everything looks just perfect..except for the weight gain but i guess its gonna happen since i am growing another person inside of me.. i had to drink that nasty orange glucose drink today and i almost upchucked kuz i was drinking it too fast..that would have been embarassing..i am feeling really good these days and can't complain about anything..i am looking forward to meeting my little prince and can't wait to see what he looks like..well, i will keep posting all

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


A- Age: 28, turning 29 pretty soon..

B- Bed size: King

C- Chore you hate: folding laundry and grocery shopping
D- Dog's name: Bali and Boggy
E- Essential food/item: Milk and Cereal
F- Favorite color: RED
G- Gold or silver: Silver
H- Height: 5'5
I- I am: a summer lovin fool
J- Job: momma and wifey
K- Kids: Sophia and bun in the oven
L- Living arrangements: Our awesome home with my little family
M-Mom's name: Brenda Diane Sangster
N- Nickname: Melis or Missa
O- Overnight hospital stay: Only giving birth..thank heavens
P- Pet peeve: Excuses and not getting to the point
Q- Quote from a movie: i am horrible at remembering quotes
R- Right or left handed: Right
S- Siblings: Jennelle, Ryan, Jessica, Christy, Justin
T- Time you wake up: Usually 7:30 or 8..whenever Sophie gets up
U- Unique thing about your car: there is a dent in the front from a lady hitting my car when i wasn't even in it..
V- Vegetable you hate: Peas..yuck
W- Ways you run late: usually i am waiting for Allen to come home and he is always 3 mins. late to everything
X- X-rays you've had: teeth, pelvis, ultrasounds
Y- Yummy food you make: Well i don't cook that much but i do make a yummy roast!
Z- Zoo favorite: Monkeys

Monday, March 1, 2010

Rhino Rally!

I am very proud of Allen! We went down to St. George this past weekend and Allen rode in the Rhino Rally with his brothers and some friends. He had so much fun and thankfully no one was hurt and everyone did really good. I feel so lucky to have such an awesome husband..